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Inspection & Repair Guide for Bus Conversions

Table of Contents
How To Buy
- Acknowledgments
- About the Author
- Preface
- Introduction
- Chapter 1 Bus Conversion Requirements
- Chapter 2 Personal Safety Recommendations
- Chapter 3 Bus Inspection Procedures
- Chapter 4 Inspection Checklist
- Chapter 5 Work Area Recommendations
- Chapter 6 Recommended Tools
- Chapter 7 Tips for Getting Low Cost Metal Stock
- Chapter 8 Leveling The Bus
- Chapter 9 Special Fixtures You Can Make
- Chapter 10 King Pin Presing Procedure
- Chapter 11 Welding Tips and Suggestions
- Chapter 12 Protecting Your Bus Conversion
- Appendix A Index of Picture Files
- Appendix B FMCSA Inspection Standards
- Appendix C FMCSA Preventive Maintenance Recommendations
- Appendix D Cal DMV Pre Trip Inspection
- Appendix E Air Brake Systems
- Appendix F Air Brake Adjustment
- Appendix G Driver Fatigue
- Appendix H Safe Opertion of Your Vehicle
- Appendix I Defensive Driving
- Appendix J Handling Emergencies
- Appendix K Driving Your RV Safely
- Appendix L RV Pre-Trip Inspection
- Appendix M CVSA Air Hose Safety Bulletin
- Appendix N CVSA Ramp Safety Bulletin

Price: $25
$22 +$3 S&H

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pay online with PayPal.

To pay with check or money order, please send payment to:

Gary LaBombard
8 Wisteria Lane
Piedmont, SC 29673

Actual CD contains the following information viewed on the CD jewel case cover. CD has over 200 pages of text information intended to assist anyone with the inspection and repair of a bus undercarriage. Fixtures designed by the Author were used personaly with the fixture design intended to be used as a guide for fabricaton, as well as many welding tips. Many safety suggestions are included for personal protection, bus safety, equipment safety, shop set up safety and included is DOT inspection information.

There are over 1200 before and after inspection/repair photo's and suggestions on how to protect your investment after repairs are completed to protect your "Dream Bus" for as long as you intend to use it for your pleasure.

Everyone selling a product or service on the internet is appreciative of feed back from anyone having success with the purchasers product or service bought. Please feel free to submit comments with your accomplishments achieved on your conversion project because of information received from the "Inspection & Repair Guide for Bus Conversions" CD. Please email me at (busconverter101@aol.com) and I will respond ASAP via email. I may use some of these comments, (Only with your permission) as testimonals on future changes of this web site. This is still part of my planning stage in the future. Watch for continuing changes to occur on this web site.

Thank You,
Gary LaBombard, (Owner of the "Rustless Money PIt")